End of Enemies

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Published by: Diversion Books
Release Date: 04-27-2014
Pages: 612
ISBN13: 0425179567


One Man

Veteran covert agent Briggs Tanner never liked coincidences. In his business, they always meant trouble. So when a man is brutally and professionally assassinated right in front of him, Tanner wants answers.

One Mission

Why was the man killed? Who pulled the trigger? And what is the mystery behind the key the man clutched in his dying hand — the key that Tanner now possesses?

One War Without End

His search will lead him on an international trail of espionage — from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, through the bullet-ridden back alleys of Beirut, to a secret buried since World War II — a deadly secret that only Tanner can keep from falling into the wrong hands…

“Briggs Tanner is coming back.”



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